Positive early childhood experiences have monumental effects

Published: 07th January 2011
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Research continues to show the significance of the early years of a child. Early learning experiences for young children begin before birth. It has been scientifically proven that child can learn a few things in motherís womb. As the baby develops in the womb she is able to better recognize voices and sounds coming from outside the mother's body. Obviously your baby wonít come out singing the alphabet song or doing math. But yes, early learning experiences do lay the foundation for life-long learning.

Itís important that kids are exposed to positive experiences even before their birth. Many researchers believe that a mother's mental and physical state can help the bay to develop into a calmer, happier baby upon birth.

Itís also important for children to receive positive experiences after birth as these experiences have a monumental effect on their educational and life successes. A child witnessing parents physically assaulting each other, or suffering physical or sexual assault is likely to face a myriad of emotional and sometimes even physical problems while growing up. Such children are prone to do badly in school, get involved in crimes or may get indulged in self-destructive habits.

Whereas a childhood which is full of love, tenderness, devotion and unending support from parents and other family members help a child achieve wholesome development. Why donít you take a walk down the memory lane and what images come to your mind? You might recall playing a game with your best friend in school, or cuddling up with your mommy and reading a book or learning something new and exciting in school. These positive and healthy early experiences have influenced your life in some way or other.

Positive experiences in childhood can range from - early exposure to language to playing and spending considerable amount of time with parents. Even the simple act of a parent reading to a child, can result in increased vocabulary for that child. In addition to positive experiences, itís also important to introduce children to positive environment. Which is why at present, 60% to 70% of children younger than 6 years regularly attend some type of out-of-home child care or preschools running total development program for kids. These places equipped with experienced group of dedicated early childhood professionals give children a head start in succeeding academically and socially.

Roser Brown has written several self-published articles on how effective total development program for children paves way to a successful and healthy adult life. In this article he gives the readers an insight into positive childhood experiences and their effect.

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